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Professional Pastry Courses

Professional Pastry Courses

The Guiding Knife’s team of industry professionals offers intensive pastry knowledge and training to food service professionals across the country.  We have a wide selection of pastry course topics and will work with you to create a custom program that suits your needs, facility and the skill level of your staff. 

Pastry topics include Pastry Boot Camp, Basic Bake Shop Ingredients and Their Uses, Buffet Desserts, Cake Ingredients and Assembly, Chocolates, Laminated Dough, Petite Fours, Pies & Tarts, plated Desserts, Quick Breads & Cookies, Gluten-Free Baking, and more!

  • A typical training is 6-8 hours long and includes a lecture, demonstration and hands-on production
  • Programs can be developed for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or more
  • We can develop a multi-visit program to fulfill your training needs 
  • All training programs offer continuing education hours for professional development 
  • Our Chefs will travel to any location in the United States, US Territories and Canada 

How we Develop your Custom Program: 

  • Discuss your needs, kitchen facility and the number of desired students 
  • Develop a course outline and content that suits your goals for the program
  • Prepare a requisition for all food items needed for the class
  • Create personalized handouts with recipes for the students 
  • Set up the class in the specified kitchen 
  • Complete the agreed upon training program
  • Provide a certificate of participation for each student 

Information on Cost: 

  • The program cost is based on your needs, length of training and number of students 
  • Travel and hotel fees for the traveling chefs will be factored into the cost
  • We collect a deposit before the start of the program, and final payment is due within 7 days of completion 
  • Payment will be accepted through company check, direct deposit and bank check

Contact Chef Elena Clement to learn more about the professional continuing education program for yourself, or your staff. You can also call 720-261-5633 or visit the Let’s Get Started page to answer a few questions about your training needs.