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About Us

The Guiding Knife Team

The Guiding Knife is comprised of a team of talented and passionate chefs with 15+ years of industry experience. Our chefs have experience in all facets of the foodservice industry and can assist with your culinary, baking, and pastry, nutrition and allergy training needs. 

Read the Testimonials from our Clients and Associates

“Chef Clement was my instructor at Johnson & Wales University and had an amazing influence on my career and passion for pastry arts!  Her professional, yet approachable style of teaching makes learning enjoyable and rewarding.  She has great techniques and creativity from many years in the industry.  I was privileged to work under Chef Clement during an ACF competition in which she won GOLD!  She has taught me so many skills that I use everyday in my personal cake business.” – Emily Liecht

“I can say without compromise that Chef Clement is at the top of her profession. Her accolades as a professional chef and educator are due to the solid classroom experience that she delivers… leaving a lasting impression on her students.” – Mark DeNittis
“I worked extensively with Chef Elena Clement and highly recommend The Guiding Knife due to Elena’s experience as a culinary educator and successful business owner. Her attention to detail and professionalism is unsurpassed. She always keeps her client’s interest as her #1 priority and this is evident in the smooth manner in which her classes are taught. Elena’s exceptional organizational skills guarantees no details are overlooked. The recipes are treasures to keep for years. Whether you are an industry professional or culinary enthusiast, this will be a completely satisfing experience.” – John Johnson CEC CCE AAC, Instructional Specialist, Anne Arundel Community College (Hotel, Culinary Arts & Tourism Institute)
“Without a doubt, one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. Chef Clement teaches the skills to be successful, and trains your mind to think outside the culinary box. Her unique teaching style is refreshing and her knowledge seems limitless due to her extensive background. She is truly a master of all things food.”  – Stefanie Marie
“Chef Elena is an excellent teacher… patient, interesting and fun. Her recipes are absolutely priceless! My baking and cake decorating skills were strengthened considerably by her teaching. She has a great ability to make her students feel comfortable, but challenged, given a variety of talents. Every time I cook or bake with Chef, I walk away with a new technique and education.” – Amanda Newsom 
“I was Chef Clement’s student at Johnson & Wales, where her focused curriculum propelled me to create pastries that taste delectable and captivate the eye.  The industry chefs and students that pass through her kitchen doors are truly grateful for the knowledge and love of pastry she shares. I started my own specialty cake business yet I continue to seek Chef Clement’s insights and direction.” – Jacquelynn Spurlock
“Chef Clement dazzles students and fellow chefs alike with her amazing culinary skills and friendly, approachable style. For years, I’ve watched Chef Clement in the classroom, passing on her knowledge of baking and pastry to her students, who enjoyed and appreciated her down to earth, student-centered teaching approach and encouragement to be the best in the kitchen.” – Dr. Kristine Zamastil, J.D., Managing Director, European Study Abroad Center 
“Chef Elena is a great instructor. We worked together when I was manager for the Pentagon Culinary Arts Team. Her sound culinary technique and precision helped us to win several “Best in Shows” and the military’s coveted Installation of the Year Award in 2011. Since then, anytime I need expert advice or help with instruction Chef Elena is my #1 choice!”  – CSCS (SS) Derrick D. Davenport CEC®, CEPC®, Enlisted Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
“I recommend Chef Clement and The Guiding Knife because of her extensive experience in the culinary and pastry industries.  She knows all aspects – from ingredients to creation to presentation.  Chef conveys this knowledge to students in a very professional, concise and enjoyable way.  I had the privilege of being taught by Chef Clement at Johnson & Wales University.  She was respected by the students and faculty because she shared her experience from the real world of cooking. Class was fun and Chef shared knowledge in a way we could understand and learn from!” – Jon Burrows, Class of 2005

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